Partnering with bolean for 3 years How to turn customers into your customer base?

A beautiful Scandinavian-style spa nestled in the heart of the Laurentians since 1964, the Polar Bear’s Club is a true institution in Quebec. The Rivière à Simon, which surrounds this unique, captivating site, allows guests to enjoy a truly authentic thermotherapy experience.

1.0 Challenge

Ensure consistency in terms of both communications and brand image, to ensure maximum ad campaign profitability (ROI).

2.0 Solutions

2.1 Ensure branding consistency

Establish a clear brand identity and consistent artistic direction. Our mission was not to move in a new creative direction but rather to do some thorough housekeeping. We built on certain existing elements and eliminated anything that detracted from the brand’s prestige.

2.2 Optimize the mobile site

Knowing that more than 8 in 10 users access the Polar Bear’s Club platform via a mobile device, we believed that website optimization was key. To support all our advertising efforts and maximize traffic, we opted for a simple, efficient mobile version. A winning formula!

2.3 Generate content

You can’t have a digital presence without content creation. This recurring part of our mandate consists of continuously capturing life at the Polar and digitally disseminating it via various digital platforms. We regularly create video and photo content that convey the Polar lifestyle from different personas’ perspectives.

2.4 Manage ad campaigns

The digital acquisition strategy is a little goldmine for the Polar. Through retargeting campaigns on various platforms, we maximize the visibility of this tourist attraction and get dozens of new customers every day.

2.5 Develop influencing campaigns

Because millennials account for a significant part of its customer base, influencing campaigns generated conclusive results for this client. bolēan orchestrates these campaigns, which can be highly profitable, provided, of course, that they are managed rigorously and skillfully!

3.0 Results most businesses only dream of!

After partnering only 2 years with bolēan, the Polar saw its online sales increase by 300%.

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