Obsessed? By what?

“Think outside the box” is a phrase we repeat often.

We like to innovate, explore and experiment. That’s what motivates us every day to push our limits. Our solutions are often bold and our approach can be unsettling!

“Insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results.” Albert Einstein

“Insanity is investing in marketing strategies that have no foundation or consistency.”



A day-to-day routine that’s far from boring

A few advantages of working at boléan

The Dream Team

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Bolēan is a versatile team with a focus on strategy, design and technology. Innovative, well thought through ideas, effective design and responsible programming allow us to deliver projects that exceed client objectives.

We’re looking for the best talents to join the team and help grow our business. You’ll enjoy a stimulating work environment, with no traffic woes!

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The dream team

bolēan’s DNA is made up of different personalities that strike a happy medium between technology, design and strategy. The perfect blend of clever and curious types!  

A day-to-day routine that’s far from boring

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