Partnering with bolean for 5 years How to dominate in a world of leaders?

Internationally oriented, the Boombox Group studio produces, directs and distributes video content for the world’s major players in the sports and e-sports industries. This production company boasts customers such as Red Bull, Google, EA Sports and the X Games.

When you operate on this kind of playing field, you have to aim right the first time! Creativity is important but consistency even more so. So we created a design language for Boombox that their team members would easily be able to understand and use. We literally generated ease and flexibility.

With this design language as our base, we redesigned the tools affected by this sweeping change (website, social media accounts, documentation) and launched different online ad campaigns (Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram).

In short, we standardized and solidified the foundations of this dynamic business which is always on the move. 

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