Partnering with bolean for 1 year A brand of the future in harmony with the past.

Entrepôts AB has been operating in the body shop supply distribution sector for 40 years. Having become the largest wholesaler in Canada, AB found itself at a crossroads: because the brand had been formulated in different ways throughout the years, the company had to take a step back in order to move forward.

1.0 Challenge

The AB brand was operating under different identities and we saw that this created confusion in people’s understanding of it.

2.0 Solution

2.1 Creation of a strong brand

Entrepôts AB has close connections with its sister companies, AB Express and AB Industriel. We opted for the creation of a logo common to the three identities to shed light on the relationship between these brands.

2.2 Brand ecosystem

Our mandate was to do the analysis, design, ergonomics, HTML integration as well as project coordination with the software development and internal marketing departments of Entrepôts AB. Among other words, coordinating each other’s strengths by ensuring that the project moves forward and achieves the objectives.

2.3 Complete website overhaul

For the website, our work focused on the analysis, design, usability and HTML integration aspects, as well as the project coordination dimension, for which we collaborated closely with Entrepôts AB’s internal software development and marketing departments. This meant coordinating the strengths of both the company and our agency while ensuring that the project moved forward and achieved the goals set by Entrepôts AB’s management team.

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