What is bolēan?

A team obsessed with your success

Our employees are proud representatives of the companies we support. Guided by a culture of excellence and an appetite for innovation, we work hand-in-hand to unleash everyone’s full potential. Our solutions are often bold and our discourse disruptive!

The only thing we don’t tolerate? Those who settle for doing the minimum!


The dream team

bolēan’s DNA is made up of different personalities that produce a balanced mix of strategy, creativity and technical know-how. The perfect match between ingenious types and creatives (it really is possible)!


  • Photo membre d'équipe

    Maxime Baillargeon

    Founder, Senior Strategist

  • Photo membre d'équipe

    Marjolaine Baltazar

    Director, Client Support

  • Photo membre d'équipe

    Gabriel Beaudry

    Strategic Director, Design and Web

  • Photo membre d'équipe

    Miguèle Dumas

    Administrative Director

Creation and Support

  • Photo membre d'équipe

    Samuel Gray

    Digital Campaign Manager, Photographer and Videographer

  • Photo membre d'équipe

    Karine Durocher

    Manager, Clients Relations and Social Media

  • Photo membre d'équipe

    Rebecca Demers

    Manager, Clients Relations and Digital Campaigns

  • Photo membre d'équipe

    Ludovic Tardif

    Motion Designer and Videographer


  • Photo membre d'équipe

    Simon Massé

    Senior Front-end Developer

  • Photo membre d'équipe

    Michelle Deschambault

    UX Designer/Senior Front-End Developer

  • Photo membre d'équipe

    Davio Robitaille

    Front-End Developer

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