Polar Bear's Club

brand identity / e-commerce website

A tranquil brand image

The bolean team’s mission was to create an inviting, streamlined site that would conjure up relaxation. The design of the site mirrors the Polar Bear’s Club’s modern and welcoming image, and features photos that capture the relaxing atmosphere of the facilities.

The main goal of redesigning the site was to intuitively guide users in their online purchasing experience. Information is presented efficiently and the content is easy to view. Simple, intuitive browsing has resulted in increased spa ticket purchases and greatly enhanced the user experience.

Optimized customer experience

Most people visit the Polar Bear’s Club’s website via a mobile device. The bolean team wanted to design a site using the “mobile first” approach in order to optimize the browsing experience regardless of the platform or device used, thereby increasing conversions. The design we delivered to our client was streamlined and modern, without compromising on the browsing experience.

Results? Since the new site went live, the online sales have doubled. bolean opted for simple, minimalistic content and spectacular photos that show the facilities at their best.

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