Partnering with bolean for 8 years Dominating through its digital presence.

Martin Rouleau is the first real-estate agent in Quebec to hold the title of Private Office Advisor at Engel&Volkers, a distinction awarded to only an elite group of advisors working around the globe for this real estate service provider. Martin stands out for his dynamic, enthusiastic approach, as well as his commitment to excellence, which guides his every action.

1.0 Challenge

While adhering to the standards set by Engel&Volkers, bolēan positioned Martin Rouleau on the web as real estate agent of note, an accurate reflection of his reputation in the profession!

2.0 Solutions

2.1 Branding

We created a highly professional brand identity that aligns perfectly with these same standards: an upscale image that subtly conveys the quality of the service provided by Martin Rouleau, as well as his expertise.

2.2 Digital monitoring

One of the key elements at the heart of this stimulating project: maintaining an ongoing, consistent digital presence in order to stay at the forefront of this real estate niche. To do so, bolēan is always on the lookout for the latest innovations and doesn’t hesitate to try out different strategies. Sometimes you have to dare if you want to stand out as a market leader!

2.3 Innovative website

Bolēan’s mission was simple, clear and bold: to outdo what the best real estate agents’ websites do. The second part of the project involved constantly fine-tuning the machine so that it stays on top. So usability and functionality testing was conducted for all aspects of the platform. High speed, one of the key criteria for this website, was another important element ensuring a truly exceptional user experience.

2.4 Advertising management

A brand with this level of credibility has to be properly conveyed. To this end, bolēan opted for a strong digital acquisition strategy, which took shape on social media and through different retargeting campaigns.

3.0 Results

Over the last eight years, Martin Rouleau has become a true leader in the luxury real estate sector in Montreal.

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