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Legrey is a solid new Quebec company with a very specific market positioning: the production of custom precast concrete furniture for outdoor spaces. Legrey is first and foremost a group of visionary, creative entrepreneurs, who know their line of business and aren’t afraid to be bold. They challenged bolēan to give life to this philosophy through a brand image and a digital experience that transcends reality.

1.0 Challenge

As a startup in a sector that’s highly competitive in the North American market and internationally, it was essential to develop strong branding that captures people’s imagination. The goal was to invite curiosity from the first glance. Legrey products are aimed at innovative, creative, high-end customers (architects, urban planners, real estate promoters), so the challenge was huge!

2.0 Solutions

2.1 Creating a strong brand

bolēan and the Legrey team worked together closely to create a brand image that would really stand out, taking into account the financial constraints that startups often face. With this in mind, we didn’t hesitate to think outside the box, explore and dare. And the results were amazing!

2.2 Ideation and implementation of a website

The challenge reached a whole other level with the creation of the website. bolēan had to deal with major content constraints – which the team turned into creative opportunities! The design and user experience by no means represent the client’s sector, but do reflect the Legrey essence: visionary and innovative.

2.3 Digital marketing

Legrey’s highly niche customer base also posed its share of digital marketing challenges. We had to reach very specific segments of potential buyers who don’t necessarily use mass media. So bolēan put together highly targeted digital campaigns for Legrey, the main goals being to raise awareness of the brand and collaborate to shape its reputation.

2.4 Advertising management

Brand visibility campaign. High-end positioning strategy. Customer education about custom versus strictly prefabricated products.

3.0 Results

Inclusion of a major call for tenders the very first month. Several quote requests as soon as the site went live. Recognition of the brand in the architecture, urban design and landscaping sectors.

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