Partnering with bolēan for 6 years Strengthening foundations

Every day FDDF builds the Quebec of the future, one road and one culvert at a time. A business of this magnitude, filled with such ambition, had to be equipped with the right ammunition.

The bolēan team got involved six years ago to support this Quebec treasure in its explosive growth. We immediately identified FDDF’s vision: the inevitable “why”, and more importantly, in this particular case, the “where” and “how”.

In collaboration with their team, we developed a strong brand image, implemented an effective positioning strategy and added the foundations of an employer brand with great potential.

FDDF is known in its industry for its quality execution, transparent communications and unfailing ability to adapt. In its mandate, bolēan did justice to these shared values.

Many surprises and challenges lie ahead on our journey with FDDF. As their many projects take root in every corner of the province, bolēan will definitely be able to drive the brand as far as each of these major job sites.

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