Partnering with bolēan for 12 years Riding on a wave of passion

For the bolēan team, collaborating with the Axis boutique was a no-brainer. Not only do we share slopes, trails and streets, but we also share a lifestyle.

A pillar in the snow sports and skateboarding communities in the Laurentians, this e-commerce pioneer saw in bolēan an opportunity to take their game to the next level.

Customer acquisition campaigns, creation of original content and video clips – Axis and bolēan took quite a digital ride together. A creative, entertaining and colourful mandate that brightened up the screen of an already well-developed community.

The retail segment – and the e-commerce segment in particular – is almost entirely saturated, with manufacturers’ brands, local shops and big chain stores dividing up a pie that is already too small. So businesses have to constantly reinvent themselves and leverage creativity to stand out.

The Axis/bolēan partnership is energetically and fervently working to achieve this in order to create value for the brand, arouse the curiosity of its community and acquire new customers. A continuous, non-stop process.

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