An new boléan partner A brand image that measures up to its talents.

For over 15 years, Agence M has proudly represented many members of the arts community in Quebec. Known in its sector for its personalized service and modern flair, the agency strives to promote the talent of the artists it supports.

Agence M tasked our team with the daunting challenge of showcasing the breadth and uniqueness of its services and artists–and to do so in an understated way.

Agence M wasn’t interested in getting ahead by taking advantage of big names. They wanted to position themselves as a pioneer in the arts community, while communicating a human-centred ethic that emphasizes discretion.

bolēan jumped at the opportunity! An exciting challenge that took the form of a revamped brand image, a new custom CMS designed to meet users’ needs and a personalized, highly facilitative application, for an overall experience that combined professionalism, good taste and simplicity.

Complementary components included a positioning strategy, support to optimize the digital presence of the artists and protection for the Agence M brand. 

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