Partnering with bolean for 9 years Carving out a niche for itself in the residential real estate development sector.

Spa nordique au coeur des Laurentides établi en 1964, le Polar Bear’s Club est un incontournable dans les spas nordiques au nord de Montréal. Le site unique et enchanteur est bordé par la rivière à Simon qui permet à ses adeptes de vivre l’expérience thermale dans toute son authenticité.

1.0 Challenge

Accès Habitation had two main goals: introduce its products and services to potential customers and get the latter to contact its specialized team. Simplistic, you think? In the chaotic world of real estate development, not at all!

2.0 Solutions

2.1 Brand consistency

As part of this branding project, we had to adjust the overall look and feel of the brand to fit the first-time home buyer profile. So we created a recognizable brand image that exudes an aura of trust, professionalism and transparency.

2.2 Website

The website had to convey these same values. The bolēan team worked to create a well-organized platform, perfectly optimized for mobile devices. Customer service on the website was prioritized so that customers would feel secure from the very first contact.

2.3 Search campaigns

With Accès Habitation, we set up optimal methods to ensure organic traffic growth and run search campaigns. We established specific SEO and SEM strategies, which we use on an ongoing basis to generate qualified leads.

2.4 Advertising management

Secondly, to maximize all our marketing actions, we opted for a social media customer acquisition strategy and we boosted the brand’s credibility through retargeting campaigns on different platforms.

3.0 Results

20% growth annually, mostly tied to SEO. This growth involves a marked reduction of their Google Ads budget, a factor highly appreciated by the client!

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