Our secret?

We take the time to aim right before firing!

Over the years, we’ve come to understand that immersing ourselves in your world and your ways of working is a crucial step. Before even discussing tools and strategies, we think about your vision, your goals and your ambitions. We work together to identify targets so that we can aim right the first time!

Because before even thinking about hitting the bullseye, there’s alignment, positioning and connection.

Defining goals

You know your business better than anyone else and you certainly have specific goals in mind. Suppose we asked you to put on a pair of bolēan glasses and look at things from a different perspective? Our mission is to challenge you – take you out of your comfort zone – and our motivation is to bring you places you would never have dared to explore.

Targeting personas

Shooting is an action. Aiming accurately is an art. We take the time to identify your target customers with you and create a profile of your personas. Only then can we explore tools, methods and strategies. Because we believe that properly lining up the arrow determines where it lands–not the other way around!

Conveying the right messages

These days, transparency isn’t an option in marketing. We can work together to find the right words and angle and trigger the right emotions. These are the building blocks. You know your personas. We know what tools to use to reach them.

Constantly making adjustments

For bolēan, return on investment isn’t just a goal–it’s a downright obsession. We get together over a coffee or two to look at what we could have done better. And we rehash everything, with reality-based goals in mind. The best part of all this is that we’re now part of your team!

Swiping and Tinder dating aren’t for us

We’re interested in long-term partners.

Forget about one-night stands. Our goal is to build long-standing relationships with our customers. Together, we can lay a solid foundation on which to build relevant and engaging experiences in the future. We deliver concrete results, using easy-to-understand language and maintaining communication transparency. Honesty and openness are core tenets of our philosophy.

We don’t have time for bullshit!

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